Its damn good stuff.
I have been using it for several years. I was able to get in on his first Karma 2-3 years ago and then again on the one several months ago.
Each bottle comes with a nice little brush for spreading the product out.

​Mustang-PaPa - Sig Forum


I used it today on my Legion before a match. At the end of the match ~240 rounds (I miss a lot so I get my money's worth). Took the slide off and it looked like I had just applied it. Additionally besiedes still being in the rails, it didn't run down the frame when the gun got warmed up from it being put through its paces. 

Slide moved smother then it ever has. Tested it after the match by disengaging the take down lever and the thing slid back and forth like there were ball bearings in the slide.

I highly recommend his product!

Jesse R, Virginia

6965 El Camino Real Ste 105, #150,  Carlsbad CA USA

The product, as mentioned and shown in the demo, you will use very little. Nice little brush (included) gets the product into all the nooks & crannies. Using the brush on the rails is like you were pinstripping, no waste, no dripping, no mess.

Fired 250 rds., used Hoppes # 9 and finished my pistols with Hurleys. The small amount of excess was smeared by hand all over the pistols. This is the best pistol all around lube I've ever used.
Odor is non-existant, even help my chapped hands! 

I may use it to rub down my cast iron skillet before I cook bacon!

​Recoatlift - Sig Forum

Made in theU.S.A..

I ordered this stuff just to try & I will say that it has exceeded my expectations. I have used it on a few very hot outings this summer & it really holds up well!
The brush applicator is perfect. Product does not sling around like SLP2000. My friends like it too. Highly recommended lubricant.

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I shot my first Steel Challenge match last night since first treating my M&P 9 Pro with Hurley's Gold. Ended up shooting my fastest time ever for any stage, at 2.27 seconds. 

Now, I'm not saying that Hurley's Gold was the reason for my fast time. 

I'm also not saying that Hurley's Gold was not the reason for my fast time.  [Wink]

Beck, you make good stuff.

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