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Made in the U.S.A.

​​​​​​​The Story...
For the past forty years, my family used grease and oil on their rifles and pistols. Then we created Hurley's Gold. 

Hurley's Gold is a synthetic oil and an industrial grease blended into one bottle with a dash of extra "secret sauce" added to the mix. The idea is simple: grease stays on the rails and areas where it's needed; the oil migrates to the smaller rotating parts. To ensure that the grease and oil are well-mixed together, we've even added steel shaker balls to each bottle. 

To test the product, we put Hurley's to real-world use, testing it at a San Diego-area gun range. For years, the good folks at Iron Sites have been using Hurley's on all of their rental guns - a large, broad variety of weapons, firing up to a combined 60,000 rounds per week! They continue to be thrilled with our product, using Hurley's Gold on all their guns. 

Now is the time for some real top tier dinosaur oil!\
What is up with this obsession with making firearm lubricants out of oil that you can fry your chicken in!?!

Fired gunpowder residue and expelled gas are toxic in and of themselves. Cleaning a firearm is a dirty process, no matter what type of oil you choose. 

Firearms are essentially small machines that launch projectiles, made out of heavy metals, via the explosive expansion of hot gases, for the primary purpose of putting meat on the table or taking the life of a bad guy. It seems that a little petroleum oil is the least of our problems - after all, Vaseline and baby oil are by-products of petroleum. Add in better wear characteristics and thermal stability and it seems like a little industrial grade petroleum is in order. 

Use Hurley's Gold and love your guns.